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January 4, 2012
By lisTKM GOLD, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
lisTKM GOLD, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
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keep dreaming, because the best is yet to come

I won't say I'll love you forever.
Because forever soon ends.
But I will say I love you for now.
I won't say I'll never leave you.
But I promise I'll try to stay.
I won't say that by seeing you my heart beats faster.
But rather I don't feel it beating at all.
I won't say my days got brighter once I met you.
Because the sun has always been there.
I won't say we'll be happy always, or guarantee you'll want to stay with me.
Because I'm not always pleasant to be around.
I won't say I'm head over heels, because it's physically impossible to do so.
I won't say I can't breathe without you, because breathing comes naturally.
I won't tell you how i feel using those cheesy cliche`s, or call you ,'sweetheart', or ,'baby', because that's way too much sugar for my cup of tea.
But I will say that love does grow, and tomorrow I'll love you more than I do today.

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