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"Night Love"

January 4, 2012
By redheadeddevil2 GOLD, Mabelvale, Arkansas
redheadeddevil2 GOLD, Mabelvale, Arkansas
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Come closer love, caressing me into your arms and hold me tight. Let me be close to your heart beat, to feel it go bump thumb bump thumb, knowing it beats for me. Your eyes shimmer like gold saying, "I want you." I say, "I am always yours," and make my eyes shine back. I twirl myself into your arms. I smell your minty breath, glancing at your perfect heavenly lips... Slowly... So slowly, I get closer to yours and I hear whispers that say kiss... Kiss. Soon a sweet, wet taste meets my wanting lips, hands slide down my sides and go to my hips, never letting me go. My hands run through your hair, pulling you down to me. Time stops, my life begins. Desires runs through my mind as your hands run along my body. My mind begins screams more, more, more!... Slowly dusk turns to night. Making our night last...Together... Forever.

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