"Story of Love"

January 4, 2012
The darkness is around me... Swallowing me deeper, deeper, and sucking me into a never ending blackness, but I don't fight, there is no hope of escaping. What is the piont? My world just crumbled. My heart just died, turning into a shriveled pile of nothing. My eyes say, "Help!... I have no one," and drops of sorrow flow down my cheeks, leaving marks on my desprate life. I beg for life,love, and beauty. A white light shines through my darkness. As a bold, tall figure stands in the light holding out his hand and desperately pulls me out. The figure pulls, tuggs, and forces the blackness away from me. I look in the eyes of this strange man, seeing worry, sadness, happiness, and love. He grabs me, holding me close. Intwineing me in hope, love, and the life I wanted. Never letting the blackness swallow me again, but letting his heart,soul, and body forever have me.

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