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"To Be Me"

January 4, 2012
By redheadeddevil2 GOLD, Mabelvale, Arkansas
redheadeddevil2 GOLD, Mabelvale, Arkansas
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"be yourself"

Darkness, it surrounds me, crushing my hope, and leaving me alone. The wind falls by my face as i fall, down, down, down. My eyes fill with the pain, and I try to let it leak away, but it doesn't help. I see a blade, sharp as can be. I hold it to my wrist. I deserve this... the metal slices my thin skin leting the redness of my blood spill out. The water of my pain mixes with it. Why? Why am I here? Do I bring others power with my pain? What did I do? I move the blade to my throat. A chill of the iciness of the blade makes me shiver. I guess... There is no reason for me. Why should I carry on? Who would care if my blood was spilt. I am the nothing... That wishes, and pains to be something. Where is my hope? The blade shines, and I move it away from my throat. It reflects someone... There is a girl, scared, uncertian, needing so much, and wanting to be something... To be someone. I look up, towards the sky, and a sun bursts through the clouds... No... This is not my day. Not my time. I stand up, and see a flower that was dead spring to life. It is my time to live. I am someone... And will stay being that someone... I am... I am... I am the one who lives and doesn't give up, and is happy to be...To be...Me

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