Fallen Angel

January 4, 2012
Slowly twirling,snow from dark clouds blankets a lone tree standing in the midst of nothing.

Winds howl with the cries of the broken and bleeding.

A sudden flash of pure light, so bright as to blind, courses down in a column;

With a tumble, soft-white feathers rustling, light fades to darkness.

The angel lies brokenly upon cold ground.

Hair a waterfall of liquid gold, eyes of the bright blue sky on a summers day;

A beauty not of the Earth she.

Tears freeze on her cheeks as she reaches her hands to the sky, as if to reach that final speck of gold as it disappears.

Though inside she is screaming with more anguish than the lost winds, not a single sound escapes her rosebud lips.

Shining stars of delicate, icy, despair fall;

As the heavens mourn.

Hair a waterfall of liquid

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