why do you move so slowly

January 4, 2012
By lovely-esca GOLD, Simpsonville, South Carolina
lovely-esca GOLD, Simpsonville, South Carolina
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First of all, You come all out in the hallway,
Decide to get on My nerves.
You Move way beyond an Elderly person,
You are a slug and, Your Feet have to slide across the floor.
Then You Decide to Stop,
As if
There is a stop sign, and I have to wait on YOU.
That’s not even all.
The People who Have to FORM a Big Clique in my way,
As if,
You’re a school of Fish who Have to Move together.
I just Love how They Act,
As if,
They cannot Walk and Talk at the same time,
It’s not Too Hard to do.
To all of them,
I wish I had Laser Eyes to ZAP You away.
I bet,
If this place was on fire,
They all would move,
Like Lighting Bolts.

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