The Body of Ignorance

January 4, 2012
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We meet the enemy
With the feeling of defeat
No more pride
For we can’t even provide
Enough to live
Life, Freedom
Where is it
Have we been sleep
For far too long
Snap out of it
Stop day dreaming
Rise up to the occasion
Claim your self-worth
Don’t let it diminish
Before your eyes
The body has to die
Let the ignorance and syndrome
Be set aside
Stockholm go away
For your body has died
Passed down from them
And on to us
Not once did we ever
Put up a fuss
It hurts so much
Don’t know who to trust
Laughs all around
But it all ends in frowns
Are we not worthy of our
Erasing our self-worth
Like words on a paper
Except this pain
Doesn’t go away
Dumbing us down
Thinking it’s cute
But really
You look like a fool
To them and to us
We lay down our
Without a fuss
Willie Lynch
That’s the one
Who you should blame
The reason why you barely
Know the meaning of your name
The chains
That’s the year he did it
Had a little speech
Taught the masters how to split it
He taught that conquer and divide
From young to old
To darks and lights
The bloods and crips
We all taught to fight
This oppression that we face
Is mostly inside
And yeah
It’s still there
The reason why we perm
Our hair
The cars, the clothes
Did I forget the roles
It’s crazy to see
The roads that we’re on
With a bit of education
We can all move on
It’s time to wake up
No more degrading ourselves
Zombies go to the graves
Lost souls rise up

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