Composure/ How Do I Keep On

January 4, 2012
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When you feel you have hit the end,
and nothing seems to be in reach anymore.
How do I keep on?

When everything around me keeps crumbling,
and nothing seems right anymore.
How do I keep on?

Nothing in this life seems to go my way,
and I feel as if I will see the day.
How do I keep on?

I'm slowly losing my mind,
and I want everything to stop.

My problems keep adding up,
and one by one they make me feel invisible.

My grandpa slowly leaving this world.
My love for myself gone.
My great grandma just deteriorating.
How do I keep on?

My distant father.
A mother who I want to be friends with again.
My sexuality that I bear and grin to tell anyone at points.
How do I keep on?

If my life had less problems and worries,
I could minimize that stress that I have.
I could make way for some.

Poeticjustice Simmons

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