Radical Change

January 4, 2012
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Replace those black skies
Drain out the smog
Let light shine through once again
Destroy the atmospheric plague.

No more fuel will be produced
Automobiles will be dirty obsolete monstrosities
The age of the bicycle has begun
Humans will once again discover,
They have legs.

This disease of obese,
Tremendously massive men and women will cease
Corporate restaurants, these fast food grease holes
Will die.
Heart disease will sneak out the proverbial door
With them.
Health and nutrition will become the focus of eating,
A new fad.
Education will prosper,
Once again it will become the focus of schools nationwide.
Students will be pushed to new limits, the standard for average
Greatly enhanced.
Our greatest treasure will remain knowledge,

Governmental reform is imminent
The elite class ruling society
Stripped of power.
In this new society, leaders will lead,
They will stand for the will of the people.
The masses will choose their leaders with great precision.
Wealth will be distributed evenly among this classless utopia.
Jobs will remain, from the most simple to the most complex.
Always available, pay will be on an even scale, so long as
People do not become idle and languid.

Exercise will be stressed with utmost importance,
Every morning the population will use their machines,
And provide energy for entire cities.
Waste is intolerable
Reuse, always.
Planes shall be replaced with balloons and dirigibles,
Energy efficient and safe.
Ships will be once again fitted with sails and solar panels.
Cleaners will take to the streets at dusk,
Purging them of what little impure trash still remains.
Rivers, lakes, and oceans shall be swept clean
Once again, they will be pure, as in the days before the plague of humanity.

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