Red On White

January 4, 2012
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Blacklist, playlist,
Condemned souls I've come to hate.
Forward, skyward,
All this pain I've learned to love.
Screaming, crying,
Falling towards another time.
Bloodstains, bandaged,
Showing up as red on white.


Squealing, telling,
Calling on my misery.
Hoping, praying,
All you do to cage me in.
Trying, failing,
Life is not just black and white.
Wasting, spacing,
Adding to the red on white.


Seeing, changing,
Letting me do what I want.
Veering, becoming,
Accepting of who I am.
Working, succeeding,
You and me side by side.
Shrinking, disappearing,
Closing down my red on white.


Talking, screaming,
Going back to where we were.
Lying, crying,
What happened to "it's alright"?
Fighting, cursing,
What's the matter mama?
Sister, brother,
Helping me restart my red on white.


Hidden, swollen,
My eyes burning from the tears.
Nighttime, starshine,
Mama lying in her mind.
Bloodstains, razors,
Perfect pain to stop my fears.
Clutching, slicing,
Even more red on white.


Censored, bastard,
Take away these bloodshot eyes.
Fury, skyhigh,
Scars of screams coat my arms.
Tearless, speechless,
Losing what was left of me.
Falling, hellbound,
All that's left is red on white.

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