The City This Has Become

December 14, 2011
Crisp morning fog grasps my skin as I step outside.
Seeing the dew drops on the individual green grass stems,
The big, black, bold clouds, bubbling on the horizon,
Their misty hands reaching towards the small but bustling city,
As if they were to grab and squeeze the life out of it.
S;abs of pavement on my driveway are still partially wet with rain.
Walking to the faded blue swing-set in the distance,
Brushing the water droplets off the seats.
I sat down and watched the sad horizon weep.
My precious city blowing up in disastrous flames,
Smoke at each and every corner.
The only thing still standing was my beautiful new house,
And the prospering neighborhood around it.
Getting up and walking around the house,
Appearing by the sea-like pool,
The warm glowing pool.
I pulled my shorts and tank-top off,
Revealing a pink and blue swimsuit.
Taking one long last glance,
At this world,
That had become a nightmare.
And with that last look,
I dove under.

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