Nobody Cares

December 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Does everything happen for a reason or is that something that people say to make themselves feel superior?
Change is completely unsatisfactory to me.
Change is a complete mystery.
It’s like you’re walking into a shady cave with an inconsequential light, where you’ve never been before.
You’ll never know if you’re going to adore the new change or absolutely hate it.
I cannot stand not know what’s going to happen next.
When everything’s perfect and then the world throws you up and lets you fall how ever it wants
In actuality, you could land in an exceptionally uncomfortable position, life, or just situation in general.
That’s where I am.

Before when everything was perfect I wasn’t ready to change.
But nobody cares.
Nobody cares if I’m having a rough time.
Nobody cares if I’m working to the point of exhaustion and getting nothing out of it.
It’s always my fault.
Because guess what kid, life sucks.

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