Our Romantic Comedy

December 13, 2011
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I'm trying to fight this feeling
This feeling for you
This feeling I had so long ago
Every word you speak
The way you make me smile
By walking in the room
The way I can't understand your jokes
But you make me laugh anyway
The way you call me a dork
Or a nerd
The way you know me for me

Sure you aren't the tallest
The strongest
The best looking
Sure neither am I
But to me
Maybe you're perfect
In your arms, I'm safe
In your arms, I'm somebody
I'm the only one

So maybe it's not perfect
Maybe it never will be
Maybe we will never be a fairytale
But can we just be a romance story
You and I
We are a romantic comedy
Maybe I can't understand your jokes
Maybe you can't understand me

But lets go back
Let's have an ending
Like those romantic comedies
Where we run to each other and I trip
Where you pick me up from the ground
Laugh at my clumsiness
And slowly give me a kiss
Let's have that ending,
Let's be that annoying couple

We are a romantic comedy
Not perfect
I'll trip
So will you
Perfection and comedy don't mix
It's okay though
I'd take your clumsiness any day
Just as long as I get my romantic ending

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