A Helping Hand

December 14, 2011
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The sparkle of silver,
the glitter of gold,
shining in the eyes of the rich
before America was but one day old-
more is never enough.

Stepping on the hands of the poor,
ready to throw a friend under the bus.
A want for what they do not have,
always an “I” and never an “us”-
more is never enough.

They have everything, but nothing-
an insatiable Greed,
like a mirage on the horizon,
always a want, never a need-
more is never enough.

Scrounging for food,
knowing they will never win,
with hunger screaming in their eyes
the poor dream of how their lives could have been-
needing a helping hand.

Shivering, teeth chattering,
children crying.
Tears cleansing their sooty faces,
as they plead- please help us we are dying-
needing a helping hand.

A dream.
A never ending fight.
A crossing of social lines
to do what is right-
lending a helping hand.

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