A Beasts Confession's

December 13, 2011
By CynthiaM GOLD, Plainfield, New Jersey
CynthiaM GOLD, Plainfield, New Jersey
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I bathe every night in the Devils blood
And dress every morning in an angels clothing
My eye's are closing
Truth unfolding, myself exposing

But just as I begin my break for freedom I run back and hide
My innocence though it died
No one cried, no one knew
A new person was forming

Tears were covered by the shadows cast by the aftermath
Of anger, deception, hurt, and agony
A smile faked, my self esteem quaked
As my body began to shake with discomfort

Someone release me from this dark room I'm in
Release from my sin and pray for me
Pray that I flee
From here and see happiness though it may not be near
My fear help me overcome...

Although they may not see me
But the monster I've become
At least they will see me at all
Hope I don't fall
Its a long way down from being a beast
To human, with feelings
And this room I'm in is filled with mirrors..

Confessions of a beast who cries to be released
But is chained with her own fear...

The author's comments:
I'm standing up for the many teens who can't be who they want because of people's ignorance and blindness. I am human yet I'm seen as a beast because of who I choose to love...

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