Uncontrolled Control

December 13, 2011
By christina2011 BRONZE, Attica, Indiana
christina2011 BRONZE, Attica, Indiana
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There’s a pull on my mind
a numbing desire
to know everything
to know what you want
to know if I can be all that you want

If I am even all you want
what you look for and towards
your insides are something I am addicted to becoming acquainted with
I let it pull me and control me
drown me in absolute misery
for the things I have set myself up to find out

Nothing grows stronger and tomorrow disappears
it’s a disease easy to attract
so heavy in my body
it’s as thick as the blood in my veins
pumping and producing more disastrous prey

On the heart of my being... seemingly
I need this
to thrive
to survive
this thing needs murdered.
it can’t keep ruining the well-being of a love
Love that brought color into a world with no joy

The framework of its origin
Lack of self-knowledge and respect
no confidence in the natural things given
Doubt can be a lasting damaging fire to the soul
thus bringing about the spawn of jealousy
Uncontrolled control
and manipulation

It is happening isn’t it?
recognition does no justice
a solution finds truth and pain
Seek out why our inner loathing corrupts us
the functions of our everyday lives and relationships
it plays as a mental illness

Two worlds fighting to ascertain command over your prosperity
the opposing universe set out to give a spectrum
that the hopeless gain when they lose the reverie
that’s been keeping their utopia going for years
The other universe
the natural given to you at birth and accommodated over the years
a universe that needs restoration

However all along this has been susceptible to ailment
due to the sickness and destruction of the world

Our heads our invaded

When we come back
we still know not of a way to overcome it
our imperfect bodies look to a way to confront a medicine
a healing
this leads to more misery as it appears on a stereotypical note
we think, breathe, feel, see, and touch!

How can such a sense are destroyed
Enhancement has turned into something bitter and fruitless.

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