Silent Love

January 6, 2012
It was too late.
I knew I was going to lose you.
I tried to hold on.
Tried to keep you around.
I thought everything would be okay.
I knew it was coming.
Conversations got shorter.
As the day faded into darkness.
The room became silent.
The beep outside meaning it was time to go.
I watched you.
Waiting to see what you would do.
You kissed me goodbye.
but something told me you didn't want to.
Then I left hoping it would change.
Hoping you were just mad about me telling you to stop what I didn't like you doing.
Then it happened.
Your love faded.
As mine continued to grow stronger.
and I sit here hoping it's just a flaw.
A short time thing.
That you will come back.
That's what usually happens with us right?
You won't ever actually stop loving me right?
This distance will make our love grow stronger.
I hope.

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