Jump off the roof

January 6, 2012
By theINFAMOUStown SILVER, Coopersville, Michigan
theINFAMOUStown SILVER, Coopersville, Michigan
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We sat on top
and let the world float on by.
Laying, slanted, with
evening sun warming our
Black speckled shingles,
hot beneath our bodies,
kept evening and cold at bay. Watching
the bright eyed boys that have our
reflection in their eyes.
"Let's jump."
We watch expectantly,
and as they do
instead of panic
we flash a smile;
silly boys.
They jump like they have
thoughts clouded
focusing only on the freedom
of short flight
as everything else fades.
I wait. We wait.
Two shaggy haired boys
pop their heads above the horizon,
big shimmering grins
splayed across their faces.
We wait.
Silly boys.

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