Am I my brother's keeper?

December 31, 2011
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Am I my brother’s keeper?
Answer me this.
Are we not each made of god’s image?
Yet we persecute each other because we’re different.
Are we not connected to each other?
Yet we act as if they are strangers and are separate from each other.
Are we not each other’s brothers and sisters?
Yet you are willing to murder your own.
Are we not responsible for each other?
Yet we contaminate the air and sell substances that are alien to the human body.
Are we not hurt, if pain is caused to us?
Yet you act as if were just supposed to avoid it.
Are we not aware of the hurt put upon Gaia?
Yet she calls out to us numerous times, but we fail to hear her call.
Are we not aware of the influence put upon generation after generation?
Yet we wonder why our people act like this.
Are we not aware of our lessons on earth?
Yet we think we go about aimlessly until we die.
Are we not aware of the needs of suffering countries?
Yet we think our country is doing so badly.
Are we not aware of the positive things in life?
Yet we choose to focus on the negative.
Are we not aware of the sensitivity of us beings and of all creatures?
Yet we think most people have hard exteriors.
Are we not aware of the great things we can succeed?
Yet we think it only depends on talent and or intelligence.
Are we not aware that determination and being flexible in the winds of adversity is more powerful?
Yet we think sometimes success comes easily.
Are we not aware that perfection is not the key?
Yet what really counts is your best and not anyone else’s.
Are we not aware that inner beauty is far more important than outer beauty?
Yet we tend to avoid what’s on the inside.
Are we not aware that humanity is sick?
Yet we are so blind thinking its well.
Are we not aware that we have the ability to heal the world?
Yet we are so blind, not knowing the power we have.
Are you aware the that the person sitting next to you, your next door neighbor, your friends, your enemies, your family, your classmates, your teachers are special?
Yet it is a shame. I have one last question for you. Are you taking into consideration that you might be hurting your brother or sister.
Am I my brother’s keeper?

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