December 16, 2011
By 4everhopeful BRONZE, Bay City, Michigan
4everhopeful BRONZE, Bay City, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Do not be who others want you to be but be who you desire to be and who you really are inside"

Nobody sees her when she starts to cry. Nobody sees her when shes waiting to die. They don't see the heartbroken frightened girl with bruises on her thigh. They see a happy smiling girl with just about every guy. They think her life is the absolute best but really its just a big mess. She sighs a silent sigh and forces a fake grin. Wondering Why. Can anybody hear me. am I invisible. She goes to school with the angry stares and the venomous words. She sees the boy who made her feel real and loved but it was really all a game. She goes home and he throws her to the floor she hears the venomous words once more.

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