The epitaph of Red Riding

November 12, 2011
By Anonymous

Entering the forest floor
So magical and Kind
Skipping with her red hood
Nothing on her mind
Felling sort of worried
She sat down under a tree
Closing her eyes so slightly
She dreamt of hope and Glee
And then came little sally
Also skipping through the forest
With a hand full of flowers
For she wished to be a flouriest
She saw little red hood
Sleeping beneath the tree
So she decided to join her
With a heart as big as a bee
She saw little red’s basket
Completely filled with goodies
The whole smell filled the air
Of chocolate covered foodies
And just about to grab a taste
Of the glorious smell
She quickly grabbed the basket
And thought ‘I couldn’t tell’
So she grabbed all the goodies
& shoved them in her coat
Thinking of a get away
Maybe in a boat
So she thought and grabbed an apple
From an apple tree
Chucked it at red riding’s head
A bump showed immediately
But that wasn’t good enough
So she searched her pockets
She could not find a single thing
But a single locket
So she took the locket
And shoved it in red’s eye
Looking at the work she’d done
Showing every lie
Sally took red’s body
And the basket too
Threw her in a river
And there she stays turning blue

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