When the Sun Rises

November 12, 2011
By , Laurel, MD
She strolls across the ballroom floor, with her ruby heels clicking and her full hips swaying.

She walks with her head held high and a big shiny smile across her bronze face.

She walks with a purpose; she walks with spunk and personality.

But her home is in ruins.
Her children are hungry, and sleep in darkness.

Their dreams are disturbed with the splatter of cold rain, banging on the tin roof.

Plink, plink, plink

And as they are disturbed in their uncomfortable slumber,

She lives her dreams on the ballroom floor.

Dancing and swaying with her beautiful partner,

As he sweeps her off her nimble feet, and they defy gravity in one motion.

Her children weep, and cry, Their soft moans filling the empty night with despair.

It’s cold outside, and they have no heat.

They shiver,

While mommy grooves rhythmically to the steady beat.

She dances and she dances and she smiles.

While they cry and wipe their tears with cold and clammy fingers.

Mommy is fascinated by those swirling fluorescent lights.

She gazes at them, like they are dancing stars in the pitch black night.

And she forgets all about her offspring.

And that old tin roof, noisy on rainy days and thundering nights.

She depends on her smooth dancing partner,

To lift her off her feet, every night.

And as her partner’s change, she does too.

Giving every piece of herself away,

To whom she owes pay too.
And at midnight she swoons,
High up on cloud nine.
Powerful chemicals burst her eyes,

and addiction grapples her,
Restricting her from enjoying life.

Until morning arrives, and she realizes.

Children are waiting, for her magnificent arrival.

She notices that she’s been gone for awhile.

So through the doors of that tin roofed house,

She strolls, with her ruby heels clicking and her full hips swaying.

Her children wrapped around her ankles,

Making her promise to never abandon them again.

And she promises, with a tear in her eye.

For in the back of her mind, She hears those soothing musical tunes,

Playing music again.

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