November 12, 2011
My heart is not made of love; it consists of one element, Ambition. Ambition is the key to every individual’s success on this earth. Ambition is the “Drive” gear in the car inside your chest. Yes, you have to refuel it constantly by reminding yourself of your goals and dreams. It may break down on the road we call “Life” which may make you review your ambition and either fix it, upgrade it, or hop in a new vehicle of ambition and further continue your journey down the road on your way to success. Ambition drives us, runs us, doesn’t let you fail in life, pushes us beyond our expectations, keeps us focused, and is the deciding factor between one and another human being.
My ambition is stronger than the thing beating in my chest. I need my ambition more than the stuff that inflates and deflates my lungs every second. Ambition is the stuff that flows through my veins. Ambition is stronger than every muscle in my body. Ambition is more powerful than the thing inside of my skull. My ambition is my way of life. You don’t have to love me but you will respect me for my ambition.

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