Teenage Catatonia

November 12, 2011
By cjones BRONZE, Splendora, Texas
cjones BRONZE, Splendora, Texas
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Eighteen Years they walked the earth of desolation drear dreamtime drinking drugsoaked blues,

feeding the mouth of time with a spoonful of eternity,

falling down teardrenched achslides into pools of 10 cent wine and 50 cent Surgeon General laden packs of fogged up regret,

leaping dancing springing over towers in suits of rusted hollowed frosty ragtime armor of night,

flirting with the Axe breathing lie toting gibberish spouting horned winged veiled personic beings in the ignorance-filled drainage swamps of 5th street eastpark Nowhere,

yelling talking whispering down naked schizophrenic friends of friends with benefits from angelic 20-story smokescreen skyscrapers of sleep-deprived minds,

leaving a home in Bakersfield on a speedy night train past the towns of idealized Cleavers destined for the transient syringe dumpsters of Backalley USA

starring into steamsodden windows of Doric columned coffeehouse cathedrals where the ancient archetypal ancestors of Generation X puff their poison of industry and capitalism into the lungs of babes,

locking lips with the wide welcoming faceless forms of far flung trolleycabs and taxicars through dawn’s smog-hung ambiance of azure and tasting nothing but the narcotic breath of love’s masked disguise,

sucking up half-truths from the electronic half-professionals with half-degrees from half-colleges half-heartedly certain of their full knowledge of nothing,

prowling through the luminary lamp lit night in packs of like-minded visionaries contemplating deathmetal screamtowns with arms full of candy-coated paraphernalia hearts full of blind affection and heads full of THC,

stumbling along vibrant cobblestone sidewalks of archaic Greco-Roman silly putty cement in search of long lost love and a rabid raving maniacally howling mad quick fix,

joking with childlike satirically sinister voices about the high-flying fanatical nonsense of midnight midtown catatonic comedy in dashboard televisions of Broadway traffic jams,

swimming in soulless sexfilled cesspools of metaphoric blindman genius through rushing currents of drunken light-headed urgency seeking waves of euphoria built exhilaration and winding up in the black abyss of heartbreaking embarrassment covered buffoonery,

departing the memory-grit shores of inexplicable reality on pure unadulterated fantasy fueled cosmic ships across the vast seas of age and oblivion to the rocky seaside civilization of Ecstatic Paradise, only to be dragged back through the iron gripped quagmire of consciousness and waking in the arms of someone new,

dreaming wild grandeur dreams of passion-hungry fervor-filled extremists dancing and howling their way through the thrillbeard and buzzbowels of grandfather night,

dream of new
dream of old
dream of heart
dream of brain
dream of love
dream of loss
dream of all
dream of some
dream of better times yet to come!

They came like mist to breath the air of a new world, and now all that’s left is Life!

Walking falling flying leaping yelling whispering flirting hugging kissing crawling starring prowling stumbling joking dancing dreaming and knowing that it’ll all be over before dawn.

The author's comments:
When I thought about teenage life, these were the words that came to mind.

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