The Place

November 12, 2011
By Anonymous

I went to 'the place' again
I learned there
I cried there
I laughed there
I even thought I loved there
But I was wrong
He thought it was a game
All his friends did too
He asked me out on a cold football night
I said yes liking that he even notice me
Weeks later he asked me to be his girlfriend
Months later he finally convinced me to give him my most precious gift
My innocence
Afterwards in front of his friends at a football game the next year
He broke my heart
Now I am a shell of my former self
Now I trust no one
Now the only man i trust is my father
Because he would never brake my heart
Today is my last day ever at
'The Place'
i leave and i never have to see 'him' again
This is the first time I have smiled in years
I am still just a shell of my former self
But I am regaining myself
I am finally happy again
And even 'the place' and 'he' can not depress me anymore

The author's comments:
I didn't even know why I wrote this. This has never happened to me. And I hope it never does. To all who this has happened to... Don't let it get you down... Because if you do it will control your life and all that you do.

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