Two Paths

November 12, 2011
By DecemberForge SILVER, Flower Mound, Texas
DecemberForge SILVER, Flower Mound, Texas
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How odd
She mused
One of those thoughts
Had come out of nowhere
And bitten her painfully hard
Right between the eyes

Those thoughts claimed to be profound
She doubted it
Like any good insurance agent
Being sold a car crash between two teens
If something were profound
Did it only mean a temporary lapse in self-absorption?

She watched the couple in front of her
Displaying almost all their skin
But hiding enough to have
Feeble excuse for decency
Take the path she would have

She found herself turning away
From her intended course
Across the feild
A more direct route to the playground
That was her final destination

Removing them from her reality
By process of abstraction
One possibility
And acknowledging their separateness
She turned back to the precisely laid
Winding concrete path

She slowed to a stroll
And voiced the thought
To empty air and deserted feilds
As she walked the immaculate concrete

"If two paths diverged in a wood
And you wished to take the one less traveled
And did so
Only later to realize
That this was not the path you had intended
And instead the path that many others had taken,
What would you do then?"

The author's comments:
The thought hit me after a debate on the American Dream and its relevance today.

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