There's No Rhyme or Reason

November 12, 2011
There's no rhyme or reason to the change or seasons,
Or hearts or minds or heads,
Some things happen subconsciously,
While other's don't, instead,
We make decisions while we're aware,
That just don't make much sense,
We regret them in our later years and wished we'd used our heads,
Cherish the moment while it's here,
Before it ends or bends,
People change, disappear, weather makes it hard to hear,
Shake a hand, blow a kiss,
You can change the world like this,
Life your life day by day,
Learning to laugh and love and play,
Jump for joy, stand up for what's right,
Shoot for the moon, even tonight,
Whether you change the world,
Or just one person's life,
We are all important,
To this crazy game called life.

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