A Crack In My Mask

November 12, 2011
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I am only half
Of who you think I am.
I am a carefully balanced façade,
Waiting for the right moment
To unleash my inner workings.

I am but a ghost,
Walking the streets with false hope.
I am a half-hearted soul,
Waiting for the right person
To open up my spirits.

I am black and white,
At least on the surface,
Because I am only human.
I am waiting
For the colors to burst through;
I am hoping.

I am desperate,
For human connection
While separating my real self from you.
I am impossible,
An enigma in every way;
I am searching.

You are broken;
Forgotten are honesty and love, for you are
Trapped in a world of perfect lies.
You must leave it all behind,
Return to the place of your pain, and be

You and I will break,
Break free of these walls that contain us,
For we are only human,
And together we are stronger than the seas.
I am half,
And you are half,
And we are whole together,
Colorful, beautiful, free.

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