a light on the surface

October 24, 2011
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A light on the surface.
a break in the pain.
piercing through
arduous walls.

Shining brightly
through emergent darkness.
seeping through,
and touching the soul.

A crack on the heart.
a flaw in the plane.
tearing through layers
of resentment and rage.

A remedy for detestation.
an aggrandizer of adulation.
something pure.
something unreal.

Bringing about
questionably dubious emotions,
indescribable elation.
replacing unavoidable despondency.

A shield of trepidation.
a bridge of composure.
upwelling euphoria
previously nonexistent.

Replacing depression.
exterminating anger.
welcoming exaltation
and unaccountable tranquility.

Sustaining infinite succor.
ablating eroded edges.
establishing an eternal glow.
demolishing melancholy entrance.

Forever shining.
infinitely replenishing.
continuously ameliorating.
indefinitely actualizing.

A light on the surface,
beneath the depths of obscurity.
beneath all the pain.
the agony.
the tears and the blood.

an infinite foundation.
a successful elimination.
sustaining all the power,
in a diminutive radiance.

A light on the surface.
comprehending the pain.
underestimating the power.
dissecting hidden emotions.
discovering a true inner being.

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