somewhere i belong

October 24, 2011
By Anonymous

Used and abused,
that's all I am.
It seems like 9/11 happens,
when you are sad,
the whole world ends,
because your mad.
So i take it away,
erase the memories,
take the pain away right.
I'm here like the liberty statue,
grand and unmissable,
just when you need me.
Yet again like lady liberty,
when you don't need me,
you don't look for me.
Pick me out of a million crowd,
just to cry for help,
yet a ghost i am,
that is not even there,
when you don't need me,
you don't care.
I find it easy,
to hold the world,
but somehow,
i find it impossible,
to pick a black rose,
from a garden of roses.

The author's comments:
i need to find somewhere i i'm really nothing...i can't feel much

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