Of love, My love, Love, When it comes to love, Love me, Let me love, Tough

October 24, 2011
There comes a time when we all forget how to love.
But what should I do to learn or what's the point [of love], or of trying when nobody gonna understand [my love].
Why do I deserve it, deserve this [love].
What about my feelings, about how I feel [when it comes to love].
I wanna go to college, I wanna sing, I wanna love.
But, how am I gonna love when him if he doesn't know how to [love me].
Curse me, hit me, hate me, just play me.
That's what it feels like anyways.
You claim you never would let me go.
Now I'm a prisoner of misunderstood affections.
I'll never understand when you won't [let me love].
All your past relationships you claim you won't go through again, by tryin' to make me feel your pain when we could've went through the battle together instead of showin' me [tough love].

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