3 whole years

December 15, 2011
By scarper94 SILVER, Beloit, Wisconsin
scarper94 SILVER, Beloit, Wisconsin
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Don't stop moving forward.

Freshman year there you were
Such an attractive boy
Dark shaggy hair and a smile that shined
I imagined what it would be like to be yours
You dated my friend
I got jealous and dropped her

Sophomore year I saw you around
Those bright yellow gym shorts contrasted to your caramel skin tone
I said “you’re so cute and nice, I love you”
And you didn’t take me serious

Junior year you were already taken
I knew I had no change
My everyday routine kept me going though
On my way to English I would see you with her
And picture you with me
Walking into class I saw you on my right
You always smiled and asked what was up

The summer before senior year the good news got to me
You were officially single
That hussy cheated
It wasn’t long before I thought up my plan

River fest I ran into you
I started flirting hard core
It was dark and I asked to wear your sunglasses
I got your number and my summer began

Senior year… You’re finally mine
I feel more and more lucky to be yours everyday
I see her after school and she stares
I know she misses you
But you’re never going back

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