here is the truth

December 15, 2011
Okay here it is. . .
I don’t understand how u still live,
Been eaten the same thing since you were a kid,
How do I break it down?
Let put it this way you look like a clown,
The way your little boyfriend fallows u around,
Not one of you friends in sight,
You not knowing you’re all in a fight,
All because your consent attitude,
Puts us in a annoyed mood,
You say we all do is eat your food,
But we 24/7 clean for you,
We know your parents are not there,
And we agree that life is not far,
So we gave you a little of our life’s to share,
But at this time no one can bare,
The way you are never there and seem not to care,
You don’t listen,
You never understand,
So sorry honey all you have is your man.


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