Two Men Walking

December 15, 2011
There were two men
Slowly moving down the path
One of them, called Heavy Cakes,
was taking slow steps,
while the other, Bahgus,
was struggling to keep up.
The sun was shining down.
The makeup on Heavy Cakes’ face
was slowly melting off
Hiding in Heavy Cakes’ shadow,
Bahgus klutzily ran.
Though he was protected from the sun,
He began to complain about the heat.
He droned on about how he was feeling dehydrated,
and how he was craving a drink.
Heavy Cakes rolled his eyes.
Bahgus continued to irritate him.
Heavy Cakes silently wished to injure Bahgus.
Bahgus started to moan.
Heavy Cakes was shaking with anger.
Bahgus began to cry.
And that was when Heavy Cakes snapped.
Bahgus looked up at the man, startled.
Then, Heavy Cakes pushed him down
And sat on him.
“If you get a break, then I’m gonna get one too!” Heavy Cakes exclaimed.
Soon after, the man rose from his sitting position,
and walked away with no one following.
One man walked down the path,
moving away from the place he came.

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