December 13, 2011
By chickenpik BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
chickenpik BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Most memories are treasured
And held dear
Or told to others
So they can share
One’s joy

But what happens when
All the memories one has
Are not happy
But bittersweet?

The memories that are so sweet
Are a source of happiness.
But sometimes they make on melancholy
And wishing for better times
Happiness tinged
With a bit of pain…
These memories sink into
One’s chest and melt the heart
Like metal in fire
Leaving one with a burning, broken soul
That cries with an open mouth

Why can’t memories
Be remembered as past experiences?
Why do the happy moments in life
Seem so short-lived?

When the only happy times
Are mere memories
When will we experience
Good times again?

Should we just be glad
For the memories we have?
Should we attempt
To live in the past?
Should we try to surround
Ourselves with more happiness?
Should we just keep on living?

It seems as if
no simple answer is clear
We can try to be happy
In whatever situation life puts us in.
We should accept all moments
With an open mind and heart.
We can try to live through
Whatever life throws at us
But can we love life in the present
While accepting our life in the past?

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