What will you say?

December 13, 2011
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there's this thing called society
its a horrible thing,
happens all around us, so how come no ones sees?
you knock people down
make them feel worthless
you give them scars
and when your victims cry out
beg for you to stop
try to make amends
you don't care
you go right along
make no change
use their weaknesses
to make your day
to build your self esteem
by knocking theirs down
because you were once,
the one at the bottom
if you know what it feels
to feel worthless
to be hated
to want to die,
why do you make others
feel like wise?
feeling no remorse,
you keep on going
insult after insult
breaking others apart
when that person
the one you hated on
the one you made feel this way
takes their own life,
what will you say
I didn't want it to go this far?
it was all a joke
what will you say
when your words took someones life away?
when you belittled them
took away their courage to fight
but gave them to courage to end their life
You wont change
you will go on
find a new person that will make your day
they did NO wrong
they were just themselves
said one wrong thing
that caused them this pain
where as you say the same things everyday
try being them, just for an hour or two
then maybe, just maybe
You'd know what this abuse can do

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