The Rhyme is Hiding With the Rest of Me

I'm too good to be entranced
By the dance of your hand,
And too blind to understand that perhaps a part of me,
Despite all efforts to be a better human being,
Cannot help seeing the decisive stroke and grace
Which I have found in an odd place: with you.
No matter what I do, fleeting impressions stay.
Day by day, it's a battle with instinct
As I try and I try to think that you mean nothing.
But it isn't true; you bring smiles to a girl
Who is glowering at the world and hating every time
You coax them out of her, as if it's a crime to make people happy.
Just by being, you make me sappy. Oh look,
Another useless love poem on the book of my heart
For a boy who must always be a part of my life, but not of it.
Despite how much I covet a look or glance,
Just the barest hint of a chance to be together
Against all odds, whatever I do, nothing will change
The lingering feelings. It's strange, how long they'll last.
A ghost from the past still hunts doggedly,
And chases my poor heart as it sprints through the woods.

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