Her Smile

December 27, 2011
She's a beautiful girl,
With a heart made of gold,
She's still pretty young,
And she doesn't know
what her future may hold.
She acts like life's perfect,
And her smile always shines,
She laughs and she sings
with the voice of an angel.
But inside, there's something,
Something she hides beneath a smile.
She says it's alright,
Everything's fine,
But when she's alone,
She cries herself to sleep every night.

She's broken and bruised,
Lost and confused,
She's lost her way and
feels all alone.
She's got no where to go,
and no where to turn,
She's hurting and crying,
But her smile keeps on shining.

She's a sister to all that she meets,
with love shining for all,
She comforts those who feel defeat,
And she stands straight and tall.
She's got the world on her shoulders,
Bearing her down,
But she won't let that stop her,
She's got to stay strong.
Her friends depend on her,
Her family needs her,
Her life feels empty,
but she won't let go.
She's beautiful in every way,
She sings her heart out and
smile every day.
She comforts the broken,
and helps heal the hurt,
she's loving and shining,
but inside something's dying.
She's called the girl that
is a rolling ball of sunshine,
She makes everyone smile
and helps them stop crying,
She wants to hold their hand,
And help them carry on,
She's taking a stand,
And moving along.

She's broken and bruised,
So lost and confused,
She's walking in circles,
and has no where to go,
She's hurting and crying,
inside something's dying,
But her smile keeps on shining.

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starbucks_queen21 said...
Feb. 1, 2012 at 5:21 pm
WOW! This was so good!! Do you write this out of experience or because of something you went through? Anyway, I really liked it! Keep up the good work!!! :)
Ball0fSunshin3 replied...
Feb. 7, 2012 at 1:14 pm
Thank you! That means alot to me!! :) Actually, yes this is based off of who I was a couple of years ago because of some tough stuff I was going through.
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