wind of the night

January 3, 2012
Do you hear that my friend?
The soft whispers of the night wind,
She is telling us our lives and destiny,
Do you hear it?
For, she is telling us
what is,
what was,
and what can be
do you hear her now?
She is reaching her music out for you, my friend
All you do, is allow her soft call linger in your mind and soul
For she is sharing her stories of the world, all you have to do is partake in them
Do you hear her now??
She may be hard to understand,
So the moon and night are here to help,
To help you clear your mind and set you at ease
Relax, my friend
They shall not harm you , nor will the night wind,
She shall only carry you to a land, a land where your imagination is set free
Free for you to explore and create,
Do whatever you set your mind to
With wind of the night
And as lifes balance swings to sunrise
Wind of the night will be there to promise,
To promise of her return and to say goodbye, for her sister,
Wind of the sol will be there to carry you on to another land when you wake
For I tell You my friend never forget to listen to the wind of the night

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