light is my pain

January 3, 2012
I am bound to the day
I feel its passion linger in my thoughts, and its dreams in my dreams
When I see you I feel as if we are one,
You are always warm,
But I have realized, never safe
When you reveal your warm hearted secrets to me I feel as if I can to the same
But you have yet to tell me,
you have made my thoughts no longer secrets
and,as warm you can be, you can be just as cold,
You’re the reason I have ventured off to the dark
You left me no choice,
you left out your honesty to my heart
The moon told truth of leaving and returning
First I thought you where leaving me to give comfort to others
But then I noticed, you can do all this at once,
So I realized it was lies I knew you would come back but you never told me
Others told me, and I had seen you come back, but You never told me
You have always hurt me, but I still take pity
I mean we all have effects of life that we find amazing
And we want to feel it again so we keep going and going till it hurts others
Yet we still keep going
And thanks to you I found one that does not hurt
Yet it does because that is the reason in it is on this universe ,
and the destiny we share, you may ask?
To leave scars on ones who have hurts us,
To leave our mark on their minds,
And never let them forget,
never forget what they have done to us

and my words to you my light of sun,
never forget me…

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