Empathy: A Feeling

January 3, 2012
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Empathy is an impacted feeling
It’s like when you are moving through a crowd
But the crowd won’t let you by
And you want so badly to push them aside
Like a fan or something
But you don’t because it isn’t right
It just isn’t

And empathy is a deafening sound
It’s like when you are at a party
And the music is very great
Which makes you really listen to it
And it makes you think about things rapidly
So you tell your friends about your thoughts
But they can’t hear you
And no matter how loud you yell
They just can’t hear you
And you want to scream at the top of your lungs
Because you feel frustrated
But it isn’t right
So you keep quiet

And empathy is sometimes good
And most times bad
But if you have such a feeling as empathy
You know it is hard to push away
And you know how maddening it can be
And how it makes you want to cry
But you just can’t make this feeling go away
It’s just not that simple

So you keep on feeling sad when a girl at school is being picked on
And you keep on getting angry when you see high school kids beating up eighth graders
And you just keep on feeling like crying when a boy at school has an Alcoholic father
And you want to help that boy
You want to make all of his pain go away
Because you know how his pain feels
But you don’t have the power to
Because you are a kid
And you want to be older
Because if you were,
You would have the power to push away the empathy
Or at least that’s what you believed.

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