My One Wish

January 2, 2012
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I only have one wish, full of many dreams.
I would do anything to complete them, even wicked schemes.
However, the universe is not on my side.
All I want is to declare that I tried.

I want to dance on the moon in a pink space suit.
Also eat a 10 foot bowl of yogurt, full of many fruits.
Traveling the world was my ambition since birth.
How cool would it be to voyage around the Earth?

Climb Mount Everest will never be checked off.
I won’t live in my towering New York City loft.
I can smell the ribbon on my high school diploma.
Which isn’t realistic, since I’m in a coma.

I won’t receive flowers on Valentine’s Day.
My heart will be lucky to survive it half the way.
A shot of medicine and a nurse’s pep talk,
is all I get because I’m too ill to walk.

Building a house would be so much fun.
A gold medal would satisfy me, knowing that I won.
“Husband” is the word I can’t bare to hear.
Doc says the tumor will kill me within this year.

“One regret in life” is a hilarious phrase,
since I have been alive only a “number of days.”
I will never have children, a baby of my very own.
Now, my mom will not even get to take her kid home.

I want to go to Cedar Point and ride all of the coasters.
I hear it is the bomb, due to all of the posters.
The last time I had a breath of fresh air,
was the day of the old county fair.

I want to go Mexico to consume amazing food,
considering the last meal I ate put me in a gloomy mood.
Every teenager’s nightmare is my one desire,
believe it or not people with acne, I admire.

Ten is the age I will stay forever.
I just want to turn off this sickness with the switch of a lever.
Inventing a time machine would the coolest thing ever.
Too bad I’ll never reach an age where I could be so clever.

A white dress with a veil is out of the question.
Unless it happens in my hospital section.
I won’t grip the wheel of my parent’s Ford Fusion.
Except the time I played pretend and driving was an illusion.

I have severe headaches that never appear to stop.
My dad prays that my temperature would drop.
I can feel my heart pound in my feet,
but it’s as close as I get to walking on the street.

Soon I’ll be gone, which might relieve some tension.
Although my soul will be in the next dimension.
I want to ride a unicorn with a rainbow bedazzled horn.
We would ride through a golden field of freshly grown corn.

These dreams will never happen.
I’m tormented by the world I’m trapped in.
My body fells so heavy, at any moment it can give,
I have many dreams but my one wish is to live!

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