Formal Attire

December 19, 2011
She felt beautiful.
The soft as silk purple fabric covering her curves down to her knees
The dark room filled with colored lights
and the music traveling through her

Then there he was.

He walked right over,
wrapped his arms around her.
the slow music making their bodies move to a beat
that is indescribable

His touch was electrifying.
Sent her heart on a tailspin, making every nerve
Fully awake.

This was the moment she'd been waiting for
He loved her.
She could feel it, she knew it.
Or so she thought.

The days went on without a word
Then she saw them together.
Laughing, hugging,
Looking into each others eyes.
Just like he'd done with her.

Rage and overwhelming grief filled her senses
And she ran.
Memories of that night wandered through her mind
Like a horrible nightmare.

She fell to her knees and sank at the sudden realization
That night was nothing.
"Your dress looks so pretty."
Now she knows
He only ever cared about what was underneath.

She cried, she sobbed
She broke.
And it all started with that
Purple silk dress.

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