Palatial Skies

December 19, 2011
By JessC. BRONZE, Los Altos, California
JessC. BRONZE, Los Altos, California
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Palatial skies means freedom

Open, blue skies tinted the color of faded jeans

Birds soar in them, chirping and singing melodic tunes
Crisp, clean, and clear as the ocean

Palatial skies is the blue sky
A light azure blue with gray clouds scattered across it
Graceful airplanes looping in the sky
A toddler’s sketch in messy crayon

The reflection of ocean’s exposed, glassy surface
Like a window pane
Between an oh- so- light- blue and a dark, midnight one
A perfect mix of the two

This color is never found in caves
Dark, silent, and alone
Empty of color and light

Palatial skies is an agreeable color
Blends in with nature
It symbolizes loyalty, trust, and wisdom
A representation of the best in everyone

The sky speaks of it
Graceful and in a symphony of voices
The ocean’s waves sing of it
Splashing and constantly reminding you
All around you and everywhere you go

It is associated with depth and stability
Being who you are without worries
Confidence and intelligence
Strength from inside you

Palatial skies is everything
Emotions mixed with actions
The good and the bad
Faith, truth and hope
All in our palatial skies.

The author's comments:
"Palatial skies" was the name of a paint swatch that I picked up from the hardware store when I was painting my room.

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