December 19, 2011
By Anonymous

A blazing inferno in their eyes,
yearning for the medal of valor and service
but unbeknownst of the truth
like a blind man seeing for the first time.

Soon reality crashes down like an asteroid,
leaving only a barren and ugly reality for the eyes to behold.
They crumble left and right
and the pillars of friendship are instantly destroyed.

Flash-forward, coffee mug in hand, in front of the TV.
So unreal, so surreal, what is being perceived
every second the eyes blink.
Is this the dream, or is it the real?

Still, the Hawks fly and the Abrams roam
with insensitive demeanor and menacing disposition.
The hunger for more and more
only fuels the furnace of the train towards oblivion,
and the smog pollutes that which the future inhales.

The author's comments:
I read a blog post regarding the war in Iraq finally being "over" and it got me thinking. The blog questioned whether or not the war was truly worth it and it discussed how desensitized we are of the terrors of war because we only see it through the screens of our TVs. However, the soldiers were there and they experienced the frightening reality of it.

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