January 2, 2012
By , Merrimac, MA
Popped bubble-gum bubbles
Sandbox sand in our eyes.
Blisters from the monkey bars
And cookie-jar lies.
No more training wheels.
A cut-up knee.
Hello Kitty bandaids
Climbing our tree.
Hot summer days.
A popsicle, or two.
You took the red
And let me have the blue.
Cooties are silly,
Boys were as well.
But you came out to play
And I rang your doorbell.
Birthdays passed
Recess was over.
No more searching the field
For a lucky four-leaf-clover.
Elementary school's hard
And middle school's mean.
We forget the good times we've seen.
Years start to pass
Friendships are broken.
No one cares
About that Chuck-E-Cheese token.
High school arrives,
Promising danger.
I desperately miss you.
Remember me, stranger?

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