January 2, 2012
By FlowerJinx BRONZE, Clinton, Oklahoma
FlowerJinx BRONZE, Clinton, Oklahoma
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"Everyday is a new start, even if yesterday was your worst, Dont give up and shine your brightest, everything will turn out fine."

Little children huddled together
as the storm resounds off the walls
the rain plummets intensely
the candle wavers
the children, huddled in bed
Young, naive...

A shadow of a girl materialized,
her voice memorizing, hypnotizing
the shadow treacherous as well as corrupt
Beckoned the children
One, Two, Three

With promise of enchantments and wonders,
protection and happiness
the three children
once naive , not to mention innocent
became wayward
wicked , indifferent
as they entered the shadow land
fleeting away tainted,
tainted by a shadow.

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