Life is a Maze

January 2, 2012
Which way do we take?
Our own way we make
Which is our own way?
In this maze so to say
A maze has one exit
One lifestyle to fit
Dead ends everywhere
Giving me quite a scare

The solid road and broken one
Black sky or bright sun
They tell us all
Don't take the broke fall
Pushing us the same direction
Again and again reflection
So really they say
We truly only have one way

The rule of madness
Right to pursue happiness
Only the right to chase
Waving in our face
Not the right to hold
Just hope with cold
Why is that
So dead and flat?

So only two ways
For all of our days
Two paths to use
Popular or blues
No real hope
In the end a frayed rope
Wishing for three
So I'll step up and give thee

I walk alone
Away i have flown
Making my own trail
Yes so very frail
Wasting my life
Filling with grieve and strife
So others have a choice
Another voice

I hope to finish
Not diminish
My own trail
Where many others fail
Cheating the maze
A new faze
Now a three way
Price: I lost my day

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