Every move I make

January 2, 2012
By RoadsDivine DIAMOND, Berryville, Arkansas
RoadsDivine DIAMOND, Berryville, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
"If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then you would reaize how special you are to me."

Everybody is watching,
They are waiting for me to make a mistake,
Keep it coming,
All eyes on me,
I'm not afraid to show my flaws,
Every move I make,
May end in tragedy,
You can go tell the world,
I do not care,
I know I am not perfect,
People talk trash and that is okay,
Continue to try and destroy me,
I won't stop you,
You can not bring me down,
I know my place in the world,
My real friends will stand by me,
Every move i make,
will be a story you can go and tell,
In fact, you can go ahead and write a book about everything I do wrong,
I will own up to it if they ask about it,
It is part of who I am and I will not deny it.

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