18 years and forever to look forward too

January 2, 2012
Im no longer that girl
Im free as one can be
Im living my life for me and no one else
Those pictures of that once broken girl
All but past memories and that’s all they will ever be
That was once me and now im letting go and moving on
Im not defined by all those things
Im not that one girl who was abused, neglected, and raped
Im the one who survived her past and is now looking to the future
All that hate has to go and it’s time to forgive and forget
It’s nothing but a memory now, no longer a reality
There’s nothing I can do to stop all the pasts hurt, but I have to let myself live
Im living this life for me now no longer you
Im going to chase after my goals and live in the present
Im free, free from all the pain and free to experience all the joy

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